Little World 



Little World Family Child Care & Preschool 小小世界中英雙語幼兒園 is located in Evergreen Hill, San Jose, CA 95135 near Tom Matsumoto Elementary School and Walmart Neighborhood Market.

At Little World, we strive to provide a safe, clean and healthy learning environment. The following policies are for the purpose to provide guidelines!

Health Rules:

  • All children must complete all vaccinations required for his or her age group and provide complete immunization records
  • When your child needs to take medicine. All medicine must be with prescription label. We can only provide medicine to your child by following parents' written authorization and direction
  • For your child's health. When they have fever or cold symptoms, please keep them at home. Bring them back to school only after their fever subdues for more than 24 hours
  • If your child have serious diarrhea, please keep them to stay at home to recover
  • To ensure a pleasant and healthy learning environment. We will measure each child's body temperature twice daily

Pick Up:

  • All children must be picked up only by their own parents. In any case if needs to be picked up by others. Parents must notify us and also provide written authorization


  • We will provide all foods. But parents need to provide baby foods and infant formulas 


  • All children must wear long sleeve shirt and long pants every day to protect them for outdoor activities.
  • Parents need to provide sun block
  • To prepare for any unexpected urgent needs. Please bring one extra pair of long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Parents can provide blanket, bed cover, pillow or nap time toyType your paragraph here.