In Little World, we believe it is important to nurture well-rounded individuals on early age for future success. Each child is treated equally as unique individual with immense potential. That's why we invest great resources and effort into our reward system and special themes for each season and major holiday to help our students promote their social skills.

Every day when parents come to pick up their children, we communicate with parents how their child is doing. If she or he did a good job, she or he is rewarded with special treat or choice of prize from our rich treasure box.

When each child has a birthday, we host a magnificent birthday party to make that day special for that child and memorable for everyone.

For each season and major holiday, as well as special event like graduation ceremony, we provide the best decorations and gifts for our students. Parents are invited to these events to share the special occasion with their child.

We do not collect any extra charge in providing these services other than the tuition parents pay. All the special treats, treasure box gifts, birthday cakes, materials for music, art and craft classes, party bags, decorations, graduation gown and all the big box gifts, fresh fruits, food and beverages, recording photo and movie DVD are all on the house. We just want our students to enjoy all these great experiences and have a wonderful time.

Little World