Little World 



Little World Family Child Care & Preschool 小小世界中英雙語幼兒園 is located in Evergreen Hill, San Jose, CA 95135 near Tom Matsumoto Elementary School and Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Little World Family Child Care & Preschool offers a child-centered and developmentally appropriate program for two- through five-year-old children. We have chosen to implement the play-based learning framework of Creative Curriculum for Preschool. Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive system of learning based on research and knowledge regarding all areas of child development – social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. 

The teachers use their own experiences, as well as the children’s interests, to adapt the curriculum to be unique to each child. Classroom observations and assessments become important tools for the teachers to communicate with parents. 

Play allows children to learn about the world and themselves. As children play, they learn new skills, develop coping mechanisms, test new ideas, and master their bodies and problem-solving skills.

We provide a family-like setting that allows each child to experience a variety of roles.
Children learn best in an environment of love, trust, understanding, patience and consistency.

Students can excel 
academically, while experiencing the values of cooperation, respect, self-confidence, and most importantly, JOY OF LEARNING.

Bilingual - Traditional and Simplified Mandarin Chinese & English
小小世界中英雙語幼兒園 (中文採繁簡體合併教學)

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