Little World 



Yvonne Huang: she graduated from China University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, Associate of Electronic Engineering. School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University in Taiwan for Child Development (The Early Years) units. Yvonne started her teaching career after she got ABRSM piano certificate in 1992; she love young kids, so took Orff music course and teach music in preschool too.  Kids have fun in the class and it helped refine and advance her teaching methods and technique on piano

Irene Chou:grew up in San Jose, California, where she attended Tom Matsumoto Elementary School and Chaboya Middle School. Upon graduating from Evergreen Valley High School, she obtained her B.A. degree in Linguistics and Psychology from UCLA, where she took classes in child psychology and language acquisition. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from San Jose State University. She plans to become a licensed speech-language pathologist and work with children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Irene has extensive experience tutoring students in academics, including teaching English and SAT classes in Taiwan and assisting homework and speech therapy activities as a volunteer in Nepal. A bilingual English and Mandarin Chinese speaker, Irene enjoys working with children and hopes to make a lasting difference in their lives. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading, and playing with her dog.

Jessica Sheu: graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of California, Davis. Previously, she lived in the Evergreen area and attended Evergreen Elementary School, Chaboya Middle School, and Evergreen Valley High School. In the past she has tutored elementary and middle school students in their daily schoolwork at a learning center, as well as traveled to Taiwan to teach elementary students English for the Taiwan AID Summer program. At UC Davis she was also a contributor to a project in which her group used motion capture technology to create and animate a virtual interactive teacher that helped children learn fractions. Through these various past experiences, Jessica was able to study how children learn and to work with children with diverse backgrounds, so she is able to adjust her teaching methods based on different children’s learning capabilities and responses. She realizes the large positive impact that select teachers have made on her own life and hopes to instill the same excitement and motivation for learning in the children at Little World Preschool.

Vivi Hsiao: she graduated from Taiwan Chaoyang University Childhood Development and Education. Trained in Soho Children's Art Museum in Taipei. Appointed as training and art class directing in US Soho Art Fremont. Teaching in San Jose EvergreenAcheive Learning Center and Spring Source Education Institute. Founded own Vivid Art Studio in 2012. Contract Art tutor for Little World Preschool

Min-Chin (Amanda) Chiu: She graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan with a degree in Economics. Minor in Early Childhood Education (輔大兒福). She has also completed accredited program at UC Santa Cruz and De Anza College for Early Childhood Education (ECE). At Taiwan, she worked for Far Eastern Department Store as Child clothing Buyer Manager. At Far Eastern Department Store, she also organized and managed countless fashion shows for young children. Through guidance and training, Min-Chin prepared many young children for the fashion shows by instilling in them confidence, poise, and the ability to express themselves. Also, she has many experience and success in upbringing her own children. Her son has known Mandarin, English, Japanese and German since he was young, so she believes that it is important to encourage a love for learning languages at a young age. She hopes to pass down the knowledge and experience she gained to other families and their children so that their children can become the best that they can be and achieve their goals and aspirations in the future.

Amanda's son is now a PhD student in MIT EECS (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science).

Introducing Our Team:
Robert Hsiao (蕭曦清): Honorary Principal
Ph.D., International Relations, Benemeritus,
University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines; and advanced study under scholarship in the United States. Served as professor of Tamkang University, Chinese Cultural University, Graduate School, UST; also served as diplomat of the Republic of China to America, Asia, Africa and Mid-East; participated in numerous international conference and forums.